The USU/ASU has been consulting with Virgin over the last six weeks about a proposal to allocate ‘resource allocation’ duties to GS5 team members – a role previously performed by COPs team members. While the union doesn’t agree with the move (we previously warned Virgin not to get rid of the Disrupt Coordinator position!), Virgin has made significant concessions in response to members’ concerns.

Virgin is calling on GS5 employees to volunteer for a ‘Resource Allocation’ position. The role supports the allocation of resourcing at boarding gates and the check-in area. Following consultation with your delegates and the USU/ASU, Virgin have agreed to a limited scope of duties applying to this position.

We set out below Virgin’s responses to some of the questions we asked during consultation:

Will I be forced to work in the ‘Resource Allocation’ role?  No. The USU/ASU has made sure that only team members who volunteer will work in this role. If you don’t want to work in the role, don’t volunteer.
If I volunteer, can I opt out?  Yes. Virgin will allow team members to opt out for later roster periods if they are not happy in the Resource Allocation role.

What training will be provided to team members?  If you volunteer for the Resource Allocation role, you will receive at least a week of training. The ASU are chasing more details of the training from Virgin.

Will Virgin be recruiting new GS5 team members? The Resource Allocation role will likely increase the demand for GS5 team members. Members who are currently employed as a GS3 or GS4 should look for opportunities to apply for a GS5 role.

If I volunteer for the Resource Allocation role, will I still be required to complete my normal GS5 duties?  The USU/ASU has made sure that Virgin roster the Resource Allocation role as a standalone shift – you will not be required to perform existing GS5 duties during the same shift. This is the same arrangement for Guest Assistance Team and Lounge Coordinator shifts.

Where will I be located during a Resource Allocation shift?  Virgin are still working on this issue – team members will either work back of house or at the service desk. Please let us know your preference and we will put this to Virgin.

Who do I go to for support during a shift?  The Customer Experience Manager will be your point of contact for support during Resource Allocation shifts.

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