Eyes and earsOur union relies on its delegate networks to be our “eyes and ears” on the ground.

The importance of the role of the workplace delegate cannot be over-stated – without delegates, our union wouldn’t be anywhere near as effective in protecting and enhancing the working conditions of our members.

Workplace delegates make up one of the largest volunteer workforces in Australia. In fact, many union officials across all unions started out as workplace delegates.

In performing the role, workplace delegates:

  • Represent and assist members with grievances and disputes;
  • Represent their colleagues and fellow members in forums such as local consultative committees, WHS/OHS committees and USU Branch Committees of Management; and
  • Campaign in the workplace for the protection and enhancement of working conditions.

Our union is always on the look-out for workplace leaders to take the next step and become active delegates.


On being elected as a delegate, you will have access to our ACTU accredited delegates training course, ‘USU@WORK’, which caters for delegates of all levels of experience.

If you are interested in seeking election as a workplace delegate, please contact your organiser for a nomination form.

Your organisers in Energy are:

Troy Dunne – Sydney Metropolitan:
0419 403 076 or tdunne@usu.org.au

Rudi Oppitz – Southern Region:
0409 662 460 or roppitz@usu.org.au

Melissa Pond – Northern Region:
0408 620 741 or mpond@usu.org.au

Paul Sansom – Northern Region:
0409 076 633 or psansom@usu.org.au

For further information on the role of the delegate and USU@WORK, please visit www.usu.org.au/training