As members will be aware, our postal ballot of members to endorse the options of Protected Action failed on participation rate. Whilst the yes vote itself showed great results, the stay at home orders enforced just prior to our ballots being posted greatly impacted on the ability of members to participate.

That being the case, the USU will be making a new application this week (week beginning 23 August) to the Fair Work Commission to conduct a renewed Protected Action Ballot.  

This time, however, our members will be balloted electronically via email through a private provider known as the Australian Electoral Company.  

If you are unsure as to whether your email details are up to date, please contact your Organiser or our Membership Support Team on 1300 136 604.

We remind members that it is of vital importance that you vote YES for every item on the ballot, even if it’s an action you can’t participate in.  

By voting YES to all items, you are supporting the votes of your colleagues who can participate in the various forms of action.  

We also remind members that by voting YES, it doesn’t mean that we will necessarily be engaging in Protected Action, you are simply giving yourselves the legal option of doing so.

If you have any questions about this email, please contact USU organisers Troy Dunne or Paul Sansom.

Troy Dunne 
0419 403 076 /

Paul Sansom
0409 076 633 /