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On Monday afternoon the USU/ASU, along with other VA unions, met with Bain and Jayne Hrdlicka following last week’s shocking exit of Paul Scurrah as CEO (following months of promises to the contrary), and rumours about the airline moving to a low cost model. We demanded they come clean on their plans for Virgin, honour their commitments to Virgin employees and continue negotiations with unions and the workforce in good faith.

We told them that the events of last week have seriously damaged the trust of the workforce, and that if they want to start to repair that trust they must work with the workforce not against the workforce to get through this crisis if they want to start to repair that trust.

Members tell us we must fight for a better deal!

Last night USU/ASU members from around the country met and discussed the proposal that is currently on the table from management.

USU/ASU members have been open to discussing temporary ‘emergency measures’ to get through the crisis – but instead, management have been insisting on dramatic and permanent reductions in conditions, as well as a wage freeze until at least 2023.

Last night, members overwhelmingly said they do not support the deal that is on the table from management, and directed us to fight for a better deal.

We are in a strong position. We have an agreement with good conditions that members told us they will stand together and fight to protect.

Bain and VA now have an opportunity to demonstrate their respect for the workforce and show that they want to work with the workforce on getting Virgin flying again – by putting a stop to the nonsense of insisting on permanent cuts to conditions and coming to the table on some reasonable temporary measures to get through the crisis.

There are currently no bargaining meetings scheduled for this week. We will keep members informed with any developments.

As always, the USU/ASU is by your side.

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