NRL and NRLW players have just released a video about why they’re standing together in solidarity against the big bosses of NRL – just like any workers, they can’t win this on their own. They’re standing in solidarity and we stand with them.

USU General Secretary Graeme Kelly OAM has met with the Rugby League Players’ Association (RLPA) along with Unions NSW, and supports the players in their campaign to achieve a registered workplace agreement protecting them in the workplace.

Graeme said, “Rugby League players – men and women – are employees just like us. Just because their line of work is different to ours doesn’t give the employer the right to strip away hard fought for workplace rights.

The USU stands alongside every NRL & NRLW player in their fight to have industrial protections in their workplace”.

We support all Rugby League players who are fighting for a workplace agreement that is being refused by the NRL.

NRL men and women players are workers performing a job for an employer and providing entertainment for fans, they are entitled to conditions of employment that should be negotiated and agreed by them, their union and the employer, the NRL.

This is being denied by the NRL hierarchy in a blatant attack on the players’ rights to organise.