For some time now the USU and ASU have been negotiating your Enterprise Agreement with REX.  Your nominated Bargaining Reps have been diligently pursuing your log of claims on behalf of you.

As you know this has been a slow process due to many factors including disruptions due to COVID 19, meeting delays due to issues for both management and the unions, disruptions due to Organisers having to take sudden leave and other factors.  We are happy to report though that all parties have made a commitment to regular scheduled meetings and a concerted effort to get the agreement finalized so you can receive a proper increase to you wages to meet Cost-of Living Pressures.

Below is the list of claims and managements response so far. 

We are committed to providing you a good offer which addresses the key issues that you gave us during your surveys and discussions with the Bargaining Representatives.

Union Claim:

  1. Claim – Rates of Pay – Clause 11
    7% first year and 5% per year for the duration of the Agreement.
    Back pay of 3.3% to 1 July 2022.

Management offer
4% backpay to July 1 2022
5.75% from July 1 2023
2% and up to 4% depending on the CPI at the time for 1 July 2024
2% and up to 4% depending on the CPI at the time for 1 July 2025

The increases will be effective from the start of the first full pay period commencing on or after 1 July per year of the Agreement. Back pay will be applicable from July 22 or later depending on the employees start date.  Employees are required to be employed at the time of operation (ie. when approved by FW) to be eligible for back pay. 

  1. Claim – Parental Leave – Clause 25
    Amend relevant agreement clauses regarding primary parental and supporting parent leave and pay to provide gender neutral language.

Management Response
We have reviewed the parental leave clause and updated to ensure gender neutral language where relevant.

Union Response
Claim Agreed subject to wording.

  1. Claim – Definitions – Clause 4
    Amend relevant clause 4.13 to include the recognition of a de facto partner as being an immediate family member as well as recognition of partners that are gender neutral.

Management Response
We have updated the definition of immediate family members to include de facto in line with the NES.

Union Response
Claim Agreed subject to wording.

  1. Claim – Rostering – Clauses 15 & 16
    Review of rostering to work through issues raised by employees:

1. Shift swaps – Staff may exchange hours of work amongst themselves so long as overtime does not apply and with notice to the relevant manager.
2. Staff do not get access to one weekend off per 28-day roster.
3. Single RDOs – does not allow employees proper rest and recovery.
4. Employer will distribute visible rosters with no less than 4 weeks’ notice.
5. Staff to have better rostering that allows for work/life balance.

Management Response
The Company understands the importance of adequate rest and days off and try to limit the amount of single RDOs.  It would not be possible for the business to guarantee this claim due to the operational requirements that may arise.

Union response
No single RDO’s except by mutual agreement. Rostering must be done in line with Fatigue Management policy. Rosters distributed with 4 weeks’ notice.
This claim is still ongoing.

  1. Claim – Inductions
    Add to clause 37
    Employee Representative “Employee representatives will be afforded scheduled time to address new employees at induction”.

Management Response
Rex does not support this claim as it is inconsistent with our Company wide Policy on this matter.

Union Response
Not agreed.  Requires further discussion.

  1. Claim – Notice board for Union material
    Add to clause 37
    “The Employer will provide a notice board to be placed in an agreed and appropriate location for the employee representative to post material relevant to their duties”.

Management Response
We agree to the introduction of a notice board but not primarily for Union material.  The Company retains the right to remove any information of concern.

Union Response 
Not agreed.  Requires further discussion.

    1. Claim – Union Representative Training
      Add to clause 37
      “The employer will grant a recognised Union Representative up to 5 days Union Representative training per calendar year upon receipt of application from the Union”.

Management Response
Rex still considering this claim.

  1. Claim – Classifications
    Review classifications levels re career advancement and additional responsibilities with review focused on Levels 2,3 and 4.

Management Response
Rex agrees with the introduction of a training CSO role and is proposing to reduce the service criteria when moving into a senior CSO role from 5 years to 3 years.
REX wishes to introduce a new position in the Customer Contact Centre which will sit under classification level 4.  

Title:     Senior Customer Contact Centre Coordinator

Duties (draft):

    • Direction and Leadership of the day to day operation of Customer Contact Centre, ensuring Rex Service Standards are met.
    • Assist with staff training for CCC Administration/Senior and CCC Coordinator
    • Manage all Inbound Travel and Corporate Travel.
    • Manage Group Travel.
    • Facilitate training of new staff, update manuals and documents within the call centre.
    • Assist with staff rostering as and when required.
    • Assist with Quality Assurance and reviewing staff performance;
      • As well as all other duties covered under Level 3 – Customer Contact Centre Coordinator.

Union Response 
Not yet agreed.  Requires further discussion on the CSO role and more clarity on the Customer Service Role as this a new offer from REX.

  1. Claim – Study Leave
    Add to clause 44
    “The employer may, at its discretion, approve courses not directly related to the applicant’s substantive duties”.

Management Response
Rex agrees in principle provided the clause outlines the specific support to be provided i.e. time, rostering consideration; and remains as ‘may’ at the discretion of Rex.

Union Response
Agreed subject to wording.

  1. Claim – Grooming Allowance
    Allowance should be reviewed in line with the Rex Cabin Crew EA and Aircraft Cabin Crew Award 2020.

– Introduction of an upfront payment to all existing employees of $300 to cover upfront costs with the new Policy.
– The $300 shall be paid to all new employees following 3 months’ probation to assist in covering upfront costs to comply with the SAB Policy.

Management Response
On the basis that other agreements don’t provide a Grooming allowance, but a laundry allowance, Rex agrees with the introduction of a Grooming/Laundry Allowance.
REX does not agree with the $300 payment for compensation for the SAB requirements.

Union Response
Agreed to laundry allowance subject to REX providing evidence that the allowance has been separated from the hourly rate without loss of earnings.  Union still pursues the claim for a one off $300 compensation to all airport employees employed prior to 1/9/2021 for the introduction of SAB requirements introduced on 1/9/2021.

The Union Understands that the Laundry Allowance in accordance with the Award is currently $4.92 per week.

  1. Claim – Personal Leave – Clause 24.2
    Evidence supporting claim of personal leave (sick) shall be consistent with clause 27.2 of the Airline Operations Ground Staff Award 2020. 
    -The number of days without the need to produce evidence be extended from 2 days to 3 days.

Management Response
Rex does not support this claim and wish to keep in line with Company Policy.

Union Response
Union wishes to pursue the claim for employees to be able to produce a stat dec which is consistent with the award. Fair Work Requirements say that conditions can’t go below the award.

The Union Representatives and Management meet again on Monday 17th July for the next round of bargaining.

The union feels that negotiations are progressing, but the parties are still a way off on some items including wages for 2024 and 2025 as we see the wages need to meet cost of living pressures.

As always, we are better when we are stronger so its never been more important than now to join the union.  Please see below for the union link or speak to one of your bargaining reps including your Union Official for more information.

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