The United Services Union (USU) has renewed its call for Minister for Local Government Ron Hoenig and Premier Chris Minns to place Kiama Council into Administration.

USU General Secretary Graeme Kelly said the actions of Kiama Council in continuing to refuse to be open and transparent on its push to sell off the Blue Haven aged care facility is a disgrace.

“At last night’s extraordinary meeting, the Mayor used every trick in the book to stop debate on a critical motion to pause the sale process, and instead sent the issue back to Council staff to prepare another report,” Mr Kelly said.

“This resulted in the community, residents and employees being kept in the dark about the Council’s determination to subvert the public interest and sell off Blue Haven.”

“The USU believes Kiama Council needs to have an administrator appointed.”

“The community and workers deserve to be fully informed with accurate information. Instead, the Council is seeking to prevent the community from knowing the truth about its bid to sell off the aged care facility.”.

“Community members and staff are understandably frustrated which sparked a great deal of anger and frustration in the public gallery at last night’s meeting.”

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