We wake today devastated to hear the news of council’s intention to sell Bluehaven Care. It is disappointing and shameful that the business has been left in its current financial state that has allowed the environment where this is being considered an appropriate action. The residents, staff and ratepayers of Kiama Council fought to keep this community free from amalgamation and Bluehaven care was one of the Jewels of the Municipality. The fact that it has been left in ruin after 40 years of operation is shameful and leaves you our members in a state of insecurity and uncertainty.
Many of our members have worked for this service and other areas of council affected by this decision for well over 20 years and you should not be left in an insecure position due to failings in the administration of the business. It is wrong that they may be affected by this decisions and forced from an industry with good pay and conditions and secure employment, to an industry rife with underpayment of staff and overall exploitation. It is simply not good enough. This is even more relevant for the staff who’s business unit was never part of Bluehaven but have been merged in from the Administration area of council.
While we oppose the sale of Bluehaven and the broader social impact upon the residents of Kiama, our first and foremost concern is for our members affected by this decision and we will fight to ensure that all employees who seek to stay with council are able to do so and those who do not seek to move to different provider will have the full opportunity and access to their rights under the Local Government (State) Award 2020. As we understand council will be having meetings with Bluehaven staff on Monday the 16th of May, the USU will officials on site to provide advice and help our members. Further we will be seeking an urgent meeting with Council.
We need to hear from you and we are here to support you please contact our Organiser Mr Aarron Vann on (02)42264784 or 0419626330 or our head office on 1300 136 604. If you know of a workmate who should have received this email pass the email on and have them contact us so we can include them in future updates.