13 February 2021 marks the 43rd Anniversary of the tragic Hilton Hotel Bombing.

USU General Secretary Graeme Kelly OAM attended the memorial to the three men killed in the attack and also paid tribute to those others who suffered trauma and injury following the attack, especially the families of the victims.

“I am proud to say our union has not forgotten and will never forget those three men and have been turning up to make sure their flame is kept alive for 43 years and it is my job to make sure that continues beyond my time.

Today we continue to remember not only the sacrifices of these three men killed while serving the community but also the countless other victims of the attack and we continue to uphold the pledge we made 43 years ago to never forget them …. and we will never forget them.”
– USU General Secretary Graeme Kelly OAM

Graeme was joined by members of the NSW Police as well as Councillor Linda Scott, Mark Buttigieg MLC, members of the USU and families of the three men killed.

“USU have been turning out for 43 years straight – if that’s not solidarity I don’t know what is. Those blokes will always be remembered and will always be a member of the union.”
– Mark Buttigieg MLC

For more information on the Hilton bombing please visit here.