All United Services Union, Professionals Australia and ETU members at Port Macquarie are invited to attend a combined Unions meeting regarding the restructuring and redundancies at Essential Energy.

Now that the information packs for all areas have been released, members should now have a clear picture of the damage that is being done to the organisation by these cuts.

The combined Unions have maintained from the very beginning of this process that any exits from the company should be entirely voluntary with no forced redundancies and that all avenues to save job cuts must be explored before any redundancies are decided.

We also recognise that the power to save jobs at Essential largely rests with the State Government. Therefore, the Unions have been actively taking your case to State Parliament and demanded the Liberal/National Party keep their promise of no job cuts in regional areas.

As a result of this Campaign, Essential Energy has been discussed a number of times in State Parliament as the Unions work to apply pressure to the State Government.

We would now like to meet with all Essential Energy combined union members to discuss;

  • the status of these discussions,
  • the current state of employee exit figures,
  • future company plans for restructuring
  • the affects that this is having on members and their families and
  • to allow members to hear directly from Members of Parliament about what more can be done to save jobs at Essential.

NSW Opposition Leader Jodi McKay and Deputy Opposition Leader Yasmine Catley will be attending the meeting to talk directly with Union members about the next steps of this campaign and what we can do as a Union movement and the NSW Labor Party to apply more pressure on the current Government.

Yasmine Catley is the Deputy Leader of the Opposition in NSW and is based on the Central Coast of NSW. She has been active in pushing for the Government to step in and save union members jobs at Essential Energy.

The combined union meeting will be held at 12pm on Tuesday the 13th of August in the River Room of the Westport Club

All Union Members (USU/PA/ETU) are invited and welcome to attend the meeting.

If you would like more information about this meeting, please speak to one of your local delegates listed below to confirm your attendance at the meeting or contact your USU Official Melissa Pond at

If you are not a member and wish to join please contact your delegates listed or go to our website