Emily Callachor


Are you a USU member and an activist in your workplace or community?

EmilyThe United Services Union is proud to offer the Emily Callachor Perpetual Award to one female member each year who works hard to make the world a better place every single day! Emily Callachor was such a person. Both in her role as a USU Organiser and in the broader community she worked hard to deliver improvements to the lives of many. Sadly Emily passed away in 2020 suddenly and at a young age.

The USU proudly offers this Award in her honour to help identify the next great USU activist to follow in Emily’s footsteps.

The winner will be seconded to the USU for 4 weeks in March 2024. Arrangements will be made with your employer to ensure this has no impact on your employment. During these busy four weeks you will experience the diverse work of the USU.

Activities you will participate in will include:

1. Spending time with Local Government Officials in the field
2. Spending time with EUPS Officials in the field
3. Attending meetings at Trades Hall
4. Attending State Parliament
5. Participate in training sessions with the USU trainer
6. Spend a day with the Manager of Industrial, Rules, Governance and Compliance
7. Spend a day in the Support Team and Membership
8. Spend a day with the USU Communications Officer
9. Attend the NSW Industrial Relations Commission and the Fairwork Commission
10. Participate in a campaign planning.
11. Attend a meeting with current and future partners of the USU Women’s Committee
12. Attend a meeting of the USU Women’s Committee
13. Assist in organising the USU contribution to International Women’s Day
14. Attend a meeting of the Unions NSW Women’s Committee
15. Attend the Annual ALGWA Conference with the USU Women’s Officer
16. Participate at USU Picnic Day

The program for the Award recipient will be developed to ensure exposure to as many of the varied roles of the Union as possible.

Nominations close Friday 3rd November 2023

To apply simply fill in the application form which can be downloaded here or apply online at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/emily-award-2023

For further information please contact Sandie Morthen on 0419 761 326 or at smorthen@usu.org.au