As the year draws to a close we thank our Early Childhood Education and Care Members for their efforts.

The voice of ECEC members has never been louder. Members across the state stood together and made sure they were heard in their campaign for recognition through an ECEC Award.


  • Organisers made over 500 centre visits this year to talk to members about their ECEC experience
  • The USU Metropolitan Manager and Industrial Manager met with more than 25 General Managers, Mayors, Councillors, and Directors to pursue better conditions including:
    • provision of non-contact time;
    • adequate staffing; and
    • fair pay and remuneration
  • The first ever conference of ECEC members from across the state was held to share experience and expertise.

More to be done

Together we have made progress, but there is more to do.

In February 2024 a second ECEC Conference will be convened to provide delegates with the first opportunity to consider the USU’s draft ECEC Award.

All USU ECEC members will be given an opportunity to vote on and endorse the draft ECEC Award. Members’ claims will then be put to Council decision-makers directly.

We look forward to continuing the campaign together in 2024.