Get your pay slips now for any work done up until the Easter break. Contact People Services and let them know you demand it be done by Friday.

No double dipping!

Don’t let Qantas accept Jobkeeper for a fortnight you do work and then claim your money again when you’re stood down.
Your allowances are your money – if you could get base plus allowances treated as income in one pay cycle, Qantas already gets subsidised to pay you in full for your fortnight of work. They get $1500 worth of public help to pay you in full for those two weeks, the least they can do is admit that your base pay AND allowances are all earned by you in the first place, when you do the work.

They can’t just pay you base wages first, take public money for that, then use Jobkeeper money for your stand down and pretend it’s them paying your allowances.

If they were any other company, your base and allowances would generally be settled first and you would still go on to get full Jobkeeper for the stand down that follows.

Why should Qantas workers only get base pay first, and then be insulted with the lie that public money is actually company pay for shift work.

They know and we know that Jobkeeper is paid by your taxes. Don’t let them pass on public money and write a pay slip pretending it’s your allowances.

That would be like a postie delivering a tax rebate to a pub landlord and saying it settled his bar tab.

Qantas is just the middle man.

If you do less than $1500 worth of work in a fortnight and that gets topped up to $1500, great. That’s the legislation, we get it.

If you do work worth more than Jobkeeper and they pay it all in that fortnight, fine. If they get help to pay you, so be it.

If they even pay base first and then allowances, it’s not great and should be fixed, but as long as your fortnight of work is paid in full and the very next f/n of stand down gets full Jobkeeper too, at least you don’t miss out.

But don’t let anyone pay you base first, take all the help for it, then act like they’re paying allowances next and just take it back as a second helping of your Jobkeeper. You’d be left getting only base wages, then only bare minimum government help, and they’d get off with all the support of the first round you worked, and then claiming that they shouted your allowances when they were really “on the house”.

How dare any employer pretend to deduct allowances you earned off the Jobkeeper paid for by your taxes.

Don’t let a middle man pocket the difference.

They’re already helped out to pay your base. Don’t let them claim twice for one period of work.

If they write up allowances on your payslip, they should have to pay them. They can’t claim Jobkeeper help to subsidise your base wages first, then pay no extra in allowances then only $1500 for your stand down help and still pretend they’ve done their bit chipping in.

No double dipping!