Did you see our members?!
Yesterday incredible USU/ASU members in airlines took truth to power and spoke to the Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack about the reality right now for aviation workers.
The Government’s recent support announcement isn’t enough. There is a lot of uncertainty about who is eligible for what and too many workers left out.
That’s why USU/ASU members from across airlines told the government the real story on behalf of thousands of workers in aviation in Australia.
Over the last 12 months aviation has been brutally impacted by COVID-19. Workers have drawn down savings, super and are still faced with uncertainty about the future.
We asked Michael McCormack as Deputy Prime Minister to ensure ALL airlines workers are supported, to end the uncertainty and Keep Australia Flying.
We will keep fighting to make sure this and any government support is extended to all airline workers. Too many aviation industry employees remain stood down with little prospect of returning to their normal working patterns in the near future. By supporting some workers but not others, the Government is dividing the workforce into ‘the haves and the have-nots’.
Yesterday the USU/ASU, through meeting the Deputy Prime Minister, called for the extension of the international aviation support package to the following groups of workers:

  • Employees of international airlines and ground handlers other than Virgin Australia and Qantas;
  • Employees of airlines working in their employer’s domestic operations but who remain stood down; and
  • Employees of airlines who are cross-utilised between the domestic and international operations of their employer.

McCormack meetingThese brave members told their stories and we’re asking you to tell the Government too, Can you email the Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack and Minister for Tourism Dan Tehan now?

Let’s make sure they get the message – no airlines worker left behind.


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