Members have their sayAs members know the USU has been involved in ongoing Local Government Award negotiations for many months. These negotiations have been difficult with every aspect of your Award – included some of your most basic working conditions being targeted in the initial Log of Claims from the Employer’s Association LGNSW.

The new Award can be downloaded here.

Members have had their say by postal ballot with the result as of midday on Friday June 26th being 98.39% yes and 1.22% no with 0.40% informal.

The time frame that we had to adopt regarding the mail out was regrettably tight. This arose because we were not in a position to finalise the information to go out with the postal ballots until we had finalised negotiations, and the Employer’s Association LGNSW Board had endorsed the Award package.

We immediately had to print almost 26,000 individual ballot forms, envelopes and information packages to be mailed out. This was done by priority post but it appears that our postal service did not consistently deliver all of the ballots in a timely manner with some allegedly going missing. Arrangements were made where we were contacted and it could be verified that the member had kept their address up to date in our records to receive an emailed replacement ballot to print and post.

We expect that many more ballots will be received in the week following the official closing of the ballot. We intend to publish the results for each Council with both the ballots as at midday on June 26th and those received after this time. The date of the 26th of June was determined by the availability of the Industrial Commissioner who was dealing with the Award. He was due to commence leave that afternoon and we may have had to delay the new Award and the pay increase if it had not been ratified at 3pm on Friday June 26th.

Web resources for members
Due to Covid 19 restrictions we were prevented from holding the 350 or so mass meetings across NSW Councils that we traditionally hold to vote on the Award, however we did place on our USU website a summary of clause changes as well videos of the USU General Secretary Graeme Kelly OAM and the Award negotiators, Managers Stephen Hughes and Daniel Papps discussing the Award changes as well as individual videos of each clause change which our members could watch.

The videos and summary are still available and members can check them out at: to view these recordings if they haven’t already done so.

More updates to follow
We will be releasing fortnightly USU Award updates which will outline the specific award changes in detail that could not be provided on each issue in the ballot information pack that was sent out.

This is the first of the updates and this one covers the Award Vote result and clarifies the first Award pay increase, which is 1.5% from the first full pay period at your Council after July 1st 2020.

The following increases, which will be rounded off to the nearest 10 cents per week, should apply for the following Award Band and Level entry rates.

Operational Band 1
Level 1 (Juniors and Trainees)

  • T1 at 15 years of age was $409.80 now $415.90 = $6.10 pw
  • T2 at 16 years of age was $511.40 now $519.10 = $7.70 pw
  • T3 at 17 years of age was $ 601.60 now $610.60 = $9.00 pw
  • T4 at 18 years or over or HSC was $703.30 now $713.80 = $10.50 pw
  • T5 was $805.50 now $817.60 = $12.10 pw
  • T6 was $869.60 now $882.60 = $13.00 pw
  • T7 was $912.40 now $926.10 = $13.70 pw
  • T8 was $956.30 now $970.60 = $14.30 pw
  • T9 was $1000.40 now $1015.40 = $15.00 pw
  • T10 was $1045.90 now $1061.60 = $15.70 pw

Operational Band 1 Level 2
was $858.20 now $871.10 = $12.90 pw

Operational Band 1 Level 3
was $914.10 now $927.80 = $13.70 pw

Operational Band 1 Level 4
was $1011.60 now $1026.80 = $15.20 pw

Administrative/Technical/Trades Band 2

  • Level 1 was $1000.40 now $1015.40 = $15.00 pw
  • Level 2 was $1147.10 now $1164.40 = $17.30 pw

Level 3 was $1373.00 now $1393.60 = $20.60 pw

Professional/Specialty Band 3

  • Level 1 was $1147.20 now $1164.40 = $17.20 pw
  • Level 2 was $1373.00 now $1393.60 = $20.60 pw
  • Level 3 was $1598.70 now $1622.70 = $24.00 pw
  • Level 4 was $1938.30 now $1967.40 = $29.10 pw

Executive Band 4

  • Level 1 was $1824.80 now $1852.20 = $27.40 pw
  • Level 2 was $2277.10 now $2311.30 = $34.20 pw
  • Level 3 was $2841.80 now $2884.40 = $42.60 pw
  • Level 4 was $3406.40 now $3457.50 = $51.10 pw

Further Increases
It should be noted that increases of 2% a year are scheduled for July 2021 and 2022 and if for any reason the superannuation guarantee increase scheduled for 0.5% for 2021 and/or 2021 are not paid or are reduced, we will be seeking an increase in the wage increase to deliver a total of 2.5% each year in 2021 and 2022 to ensure that the total combined increase of superannuation and wages equals 2.5%.

Government Wage Freezes
It should also be understood that at this time we are unaware of any agreed pay increases for the 12 month period from July 1st 2020 being paid to any award level state or federal public servants in Australia as it appears that most governments are seeking a 12 month wage freeze for their award level public sector employees.

If you have any questions about this email, please contact your organiser, the USU support team on 1300 136 604 or via email at