Qantas bulletin

On Wednesday, 25 November, your USU/ASU National Negotiating Team met with Qantas senior management representatives to discuss the status of bargaining. This was not a bargaining meeting. Instead, the company provided an update on the impact of COVID19, their plans for the future of the business, and the Qantas group attitude towards bargaining. This information will help USU/ASU members to make an informed decision about the next steps for their EBA.

Management gave us an update on the impact of COVID19. As you would expect, COVID19 has had a significant impact on the business. But still, the business made a $124 million profit in the 2019/2020 financial year. Management reports that domestic flying is increasing, and there is hope of international travel bubbles next year. The situation is still uncertain, but we are nowhere near the worst of the pandemic earlier in the year.

Management explained to us that bargaining was not a priority for the Qantas Group at this time. They said that if they were forced to bargain, Qantas would be seeking a four-year enterprise agreement with a four-year wage freeze.

Water is wet, the sky is blue, Qantas wants a 4 year wage freeze. Well, they aren’t going to get it. Together, we’ll find a way forward that ensures your hard work is recognised and protects your conditions.  

Next year, we will be surveying members to understand your priorities for the EBA, and your views on our next steps.

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