Last Friday, your union was informed of the outcome of the ballot for the Variation to your HCF Enterprise Agreement (EA).

With 82% of the workforce participating in the ballot, 93% voted yes to approve the variation to your EA. 

What does this mean for me?

Your union has been in negotiations with HCF Management over several months with the intention of guaranteeing you a reasonable pay increase during what we still have is a difficult economic and public health climate.

Initially, HCF proposed a pay offer well below the 2% increase we have today as a result of the successful ballot.  

Following several rounds of negotiations, your Union was able to secure a 2% salary increase for all employees covered by the EA.

This means your pay will increase by 2% from the first pay period in July 2021.

Next Steps

Negotiations for your new Enterprise Agreement will commence around February 2022.

This new Agreement will cover all your pay and conditions with HCF for up to four years from 2022 onwards.

With this variation to your EA, all your current conditions will remain the same until the successful renegotiation of your EA next year – apart from your 2% pay increase from July 2021.

Despite all this, without the tireless work of your USU Delegates Emma Bonanno and Kevin Gray, who have been advocating and working for a fairer and more reasonable deal from the very beginning – this increase may not have been secured.

Luckily, Emma and Kevin have committed to continue representing the interests of our membership leading up to and beyond the next full negotiation of your EA – we will expect nothing less!

In the meantime, if you have any questions about your EA or just want to touch base, contact your new USU Organiser Thomas Gao 0417 420 924 or via email

We are stronger when we are working together!

Between now and leading up to the full negotiation of your pay and conditions, it is vital that we negotiate from a position of strength. With a stronger and more active union membership at HCF we can secure the best outcome possible.

If you know of a colleague who is not yet a union member, forward them this email and encourage them to take the plunge. New members can join or by calling the union on 1300 136 604.