The United Services Union (USU) recognises that the current declared pandemic of COVID-19 may require the business to seek alternative working arrangements for its staff. We recognise this particularly at NRMA, given its importance to the provision of services to NSW residents.

Due to the current pandemic and the health and safety of employees, the USU has been asked by NRMA to avoid site visits for the time being, to which we agreed.

The USU is still operational and members can still seek support from their Union Delegates and Officials.

This will be limited to phone and Zoom for the most part, unless in the case of an emergency.

In the case of an emergency, it is best to contact your organiser directly and we will manage the situation of access to you on site through HR Services.

This situation may change and if so we will communicate to you how we can assist you if the situation changes.

We wish to remind you all to stay safe in this uncertain time and follow all advice from Management who are in constant contact with Health Professionals. If you are unsure of anything, please contact your delegate or official and we will do our best to seek clarification for you.

For all enquiries please contact your Delegate and Officials below.

If you are not a member and wish to join you can do so by speaking to your delegate or Official or by visiting our website

USU Organisers

Melissa Pond
0408 620 741

Emily Callachor
0417 420 924


Lana Albery Olsson
0423 076 461