Revelations in the media in recent weeks have been quite confronting, and we as a Union wanted to maintain an open line of communication with our members during this difficult time.

The USU welcomes recent reports that a review will take place into the culture of Australian Parliament House, and for the employment of staffers under the MOP(S) Act. It is clear that this review needs to be independent in nature, and that staff are adequately consulted and free to voice their concerns throughout this process.

The USU will do its part to advocate for members throughout this process, and want to remind members that our phone lines are always open to you if you wish to raise any particular concerns and views throughout the coming weeks.

Please feel free to contact the union on the following details:

The USU also wants to ensure that all of our members feel comfortable with raising issues with the Union, and for that reason I wanted to reach out and provide you with my contact details as a Women’s Officer for MOPS USU Members to contact:

Please do not hesitate to contact me via phone or email to raise any issues you would like within the coming weeks including at the next Sittings of Parliament.

Similarly, your workplace organisers will be visiting Parliament at the next Sitting from 15/3 to 19/3/2021, should you wish to raise a concern with them, or else can arrange to discuss concerns with you via alternative methods if you are electorate-based.

Melissa Pond, Women’s Officer for MOPS USU Members