It is time to start thinking about your Christmas Holidays. Councils have begun notifying the dates of their services’ closedown period. It’s worth seeing where you stand.

The Award says Council may direct an employee to take annual leave by giving at least four weeks prior notification for a period of annual close-down of up to and including two weeks (see Clause 22.D,vii,b). But as Educators, you know that your Service will close, it’s nothing new for you!

Here is your USU’s quick guide to Christmas Closedown.


  • What days are we closed?
  • Does my Council have ‘Grant Days’?
  • How many Public Holidays in the closedown? (Note: 27 & 28 December and Monday 3 January 2022 are Public Holidays this year)
  • Do I have enough leave to cover the closedown period?
  • What’s my Council’s policy on accruing RDOs, Flex time or TIL for this period?
  • Do I need to see if my Council can provide me with meaningful duties, or do I have to take leave without pay?

If you don’t have enough leave, you need to start planning now.


  • How many days short am I?
  • Can I manage without pay for that time?
  • Do I need to ask for ‘meaningful duties?’
  • Can I request leave in advance?

Council is planning – so should you

If you have any questions about your situation, contact your delegate, local organiser or Sue Kealy USU’s Childcare Organiser at