The USU welcomes all USU CN members to 2022! However, it is disappointing to report USU CN members are forced to continually deal with outstanding matters from 2021, including the CEO commitments from 2018!

Following lengthy NSW IRC proceedings on 23rd December 2021 – it was broadly recommended by the Commission that the parties of the dispute, the Unions and Council, need to have further discussions.

Observations of the USU were made that Council has not acted in good faith in this salary system process. The USU tendered clear evidence to the Commission that Council, and importantly the CEO, have failed to uphold their commitments, and obligations under the Enterprise Agreement.

Two formal meetings have been scheduled between the Unions and Council on 4th February and 11th February 2022.

It is apparent, the City of Newcastle is the only Council in NSW Local Government without an Award-compliant Salary System. This includes a system that does not provide skills-based salary progression for ALL employees.

However, it is becoming clear to the USU, Council bosses seem hellbent on cutting entry rates of pay of the current system leading to a “two-tiered” system. Forcing workers against each other!

Council bosses have presented to the USU on two occasions a new salary system that significantly cuts entry rates of pay for the lowest-paid!


The USU will continue to campaign strongly for a salary system that achieves the following:

  • Does not cut current wages and current entry rates of pay
  • Provides equitable and attainable salary progression based upon skills acquisition
  • Local Government (State) Award compliance
  • Does not set up a worker v worker future
  • Does not provide a subjective process as currently evident where salary progression is suppressed and stagnant

The USU will update members in the coming days if any significant outcomes are resolved.

We are stronger together. And we are always by your side!

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