The votes are in and counted. 85% of staff voted ‘Yes’ to the new enterprise agreement.

The Agreement includes a 2.5% annual pay increase for Support Staff and Law Clerks, a 2% annual increase to the minimum rates for Lawyers, and other improvements to your conditions of employment over the next two years. 

Members should be proud of what they’ve achieved during these negotiations. We’ve moved management from their hard-line opposition to any pay increases at all and locked in our hard-won conditions for the next two years.  We now need to focus on building our strength ahead of our next EA negotiations in 2024.

The Agreement will now be submitted to the Fair Work Commission for approval. The Commission will review the Agreement to ensure that it passes the Better Off Overall Test and meets all minimum legal requirements. We will work with management to ensure the Agreement is approved as quickly as possible.

Management will apply the Year 1 pay increase (which will be backdated to 1 July 2022) during the first pay run of August.

Join the Union!

Want a better deal next time? We need to build our power, and that comes from members. Now is the time to talk to your colleagues about joining the USU/ASU.  Forward this bulletin to your colleagues and ask them to sign up to the USU/ASU at

If you have any questions about the Agreement, get in touch with your local delegates or your Organiser. 

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