Qantas bulletin

Your USU/ASU delegates met with Qantas to start negotiating your new working conditions. The day started with USU/ASU delegates working on finalising the specific details of our claims. Once finalised, we will provide the airline with a copy.

Our first meeting also included a briefing on the airline’s financial performance and, disappointingly, confirming that its pay policy remains a 2 year wage freeze followed by 2% for 2022 and 2% for 2023. Qantas also advised that it was not in a position to provide details of any of its claims but we have asked that they provide us their list as soon as possible. We will update members on any of Qantas’ proposals as soon as we receive them.

We have scheduled negotiations for two weeks and will update you more then.

We are campaigning for a fair deal for all Qantas workers. You can help our campaign by sending this email to any employees who are not USU/ASU members and asking them to join. Qantas workers can join the union at

If you require any support or additional information, please contact your local USU/ASU delegates or organiser at:





Thomas Russell

0419 761 320

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Member Assist

02 9310 4000


Imogen Sturni

0433 339 656

QLD Together

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Glenn Desmond

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