The union wrote to members in late 2020 about bargaining. Emirates was seeking an agreement from unions and bargaining reps about a pay freeze until 2022, as well as further delaying bargaining discussions.

Given the ongoing uncertainty around border closures and the COVID-19 pandemic that continue to impact airlines, the USU/ASU has not been opposed to delaying bargaining. However, we would never sign away your right to seek a pay increase.

Emirates has come back to the union this week and agreed not to seek a pay freeze until bargaining kicks off again mid-year. We intend to make the understanding official by signing a document that includes a commitment to recommence bargaining in June 2021.

We are interested in your feedback on this matter. If members have any objections to delaying bargaining, please contact interim Organiser  Clare Raffan at by midday Friday, 22 January 2021.