The United Services Union Executive condemns the rising conflict and suffering taking place in the Middle East over recent weeks.

Fundamental human rights must be acknowledged and respected on both sides.

While it is the democratic right of all people to hold their own views on complex matters such as this conflict, the United Services Union opposes all war, we, as have many others, call for a peaceful outcome. We acknowledge that USU rank and file members, delegates and employees, have their own views around this humanitarian crisis.

This conflict must be brought to a just outcome through dialogue and respect for international law.

At the 31st Congress of Public Services International meeting in Geneva, the United Services Union supported a motion of condolence and solidarity with all civilians impacted throughout Israel and Palestine.

We reiterate our heartfelt condolences to those around the world who have suffered, and continue to suffer, because of the Hamas – Israeli conflict, and we convey our support for a peaceful resolution to this war.