Early Education Centres are important services for Shire residents and families.

Sutherland Shire Council has a long history of contracting out the work of council workers to private enterprise.

The poor outcome of this contracting out strategy adopted by this council is there for all to see, poor road maintenance, potholes are everywhere after rain, the parks and sports fields are often unusable by ratepayers because the grass hasn’t been cut, toilets throughout the Shire are often very dirty. These services are often being done by contractors, and the results are poor outcomes and your council rates keep going up!!!

Now this Council is considering contracting out or selling off Early Education Centres.

Like all the contracting out that goes on within the Shire, the General Manager and Councillors refuse to consult with ratepayers and staff or the Union before they contract out Council Services.

This Council hides behind tricky wording like “we are only considering”, “we will consult after we have decided” or “we haven’t decided anything yet”.

We all know what these tricky wording means, it means that it will be all too late after they make a decision, the services will be lost.


EARLY EDUCATION CENTRES are at risk to be contracted out to for profit providers. The General Manager and Councillors are currently considering this behind closed doors, in secret. If they decide to do this, then Shire families will be faced with increased costs, poorer services and possibly having to fight to find a new Centre to place their children.