Yesterday, the USU/ASU met with Virgin to discuss proposed new roster patterns for Guest Services employees. You will have received details of the proposals today – the USU/ASU want to understand your feedback so that we can consult further with Virgin.

The longstanding practice of Guest Services team members being employed under a 6/3 roster pattern was disrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Shifts have been rostered due to ‘operational need’, with the 6/3 pattern used as a guide where possible.

With a majority of employees now stood up and back at work, Virgin have advised that they are now in a position to return to a roster pattern. The airline have proposed amending the roster patterns for both part-time and full-time team members.

Part-time team members

For part-time team members, Virgin are proposing a 4/2 roster pattern (4 days on and 2 days off) that will operate over a 6-week roster cycle.

Full-time team members

Virgin have proposed two options for full-time team members (both operating over a 24-week cycle):

  • Option A: rostered blocks of between 4–6 days, with days off between 2–3 days; or
  • Option B: rostered blocks of between 3–7 days, with days off between 2–4 days.

Both Option A and Option B will remove the need to work Utility Days (currently required when the roster pattern does not result in an average of 38 hours per week).

Virgin believe that the proposed roster patterns will allow more team members to be rostered on busy days meaning less roster changes will be required.

The material that Virgin have sent you today provides more detail about exactly how the two options would operate in practice. The USU/ASU has sought further information from Virgin about how Fatigue Guidelines will be followed, and about how AM/PM Job Share arrangements will be accommodated.

Virgin are proposing to introduce the new roster patterns for RP8 (which begins on 12 July 2021). The USU/ASU will be meeting with Virgin again on Monday, 17 May 2021 to provide initial feedback and questions about the proposals from members.

Please read through the material you have been sent about the proposals. Contact your organiser if you have any questions or concerns about the proposals to ensure these are discussed during consultation.

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