Qantas bulletin

On 11 March, the Federal Government announced a support package for the tourism and aviation sectors. We immediately wrote to Qantas seeking information about the impact this would have on its workforce, including commitments around rostering, stand downs and redundancies.

In particular, we asked Qantas to confirm that the money they received from the Government under the “International Aviation Support” package would be passed on to employees. So far, they have told us they are “still working through the detail”.

But in today’s town hall meeting Alan Joyce has announced there would be a $500 weekly payment to employees stood down due to the closures of international borders.

We have immediately sought a full briefing from management on how this will work.

Qantas still don’t have answers

We have asked for information about:

  • Who will be eligible for the payment
  • How and when the payments would be made
  • How employees who are cross trained in international and domestic operations are impacted
  • What support will be available to employees who are not eligible for this $500 payment but are still stood down after JobKeeper ends

So far, Qantas don’t have this information. It seems management was more keen to make an announcement than they were to actually work through the detail that the workforce needs.

We will keep pushing for more information, and fighting for Qantas to make sure all its employees are treated fairly as we continue to suffer the effects of the pandemic.

We know this is a very stressful time, do not hesitate to seek assistance if you need it. Organisations like Lifeline 131114 or Beyond Blue 1300 224 636 are available if needed.

Contact your local organiser Thomas Russell on 0419 761 320 for more information.