Your Union wants you to know that we recognise the difficult conditions NPBS employees are working under during the current COVID-19 restrictions – whether it is face to face in the branch network, dealing with customers over the phone or completing the complex tasks required in Head Office departments.

We also want to reassure you that the USU is still operating and available to help you with any work related matters.

In recent times we have helped NPBS Union members in regard to numerous matters including:

  • Dealing with Branch closures and relocation to other branches
  • Restructures in Head Office
  • Reduction/ changing of hours and days
  • Requests from NPBS Management to reduce Leave accruals
  • Temporary closures of branches on Saturdays
  • Irate, insensitive and downright rude customers

We suggest that, in relation to inappropriate customer behaviour, you document the date and time of the interaction as well as your recollection of any conversation as soon as possible and report it to your Supervisor or Manager.


On another point, should you be asked to work extra hours during the current crisis to cover Sick Leave or other staffing difficulties it is important you ask what rate of pay you will be receiving BEFORE you accept any offer.

Remember, there are different entitlements for different situations.

Your Union is working with NPBS Management to ensure your safety during this crisis and we have raised numerous concerns which management have endeavoured to address.

Our priority is, as always, the wellbeing of our members in their workplace so please take care of yourself, your family and friends during these testing times.

Should you have any issues you wish to discuss with your Union feel free to contact your representatives below.


You will see a third point of contact for USU members at NPBS listed – that’s because we now have another Workplace Delegate – Skye Ferfoglia has taken up the role to assist her Perm workmates with workplace issues.
We welcome Skye “onboard” as I am sure our members do as well.

Stay safe and Your Union will be around visiting branches and other locations as soon as we get the green light”.

Stay safe and follow the Government guidelines – that way we will come through this together.

Paul Sansom
USU Official
Mob 0409076633

Dannielle Hunt
USU Workplace Delegate
Ph 49437455

Skye Ferfoglia
USU Workplace Delegate
Ph 49524422