Supermarket staff, like many USU members are providing an essential service to all Australians during this unprecedented situation. As part of their campaign to eliminate violence and abuse from customers, their union, the SDA has produced an ad which we want to help share as far and wide as possible.

They are working around the clock to ensure Australians and their families can put food on the table and access essential items they need.

For many years, the SDA has campaigned for the elimination of violence and abuse from customers towards retail and fast food workers.

Now, more than ever, it’s important to tell our communities that there is no excuse for abuse and violence.

The SDA is extremely disappointed in the rise of violent and abusive incidents which are hurting supermarket staff across the country. They are just doing their job under extremely difficult circumstances.

Please support SDA members across the country by sharing our message asking shoppers to respect retail workers.

The USU will be supporting this campaign by sharing this advertising as far and wide as possible.

Unions are working hard to make sure:

  • No worker puts their health at risk as they continue working to provide service to Australians
  • The safety of workers is the priority of every employer who should ensure their employees are protected and respected at work
  • All workers must have financial and job security during this increasingly uncertain time including access to paid leave

Governments, business and the community need to work together during this time.

The SDA appreciates any support of our efforts to ensure those working on the frontline in supermarkets are safe and we join them in asking the community to please be patient, please be respectful and ask those in your community to do the same.