This update is primarily directed to members at Rosehill Super Centre, however may be applicable at other sites.

Last Wednesday, the 8th of April, the USU participated in a teleconference with Armaguard regarding concerns raised by members at Rosehill.

The concern was that Armaguard was purposely offering shifts to casual employees, rather than permanent employees.

What we know…

  • When a permanent employee has their shift cut short, they will be asked and encouraged to take RDOS, annual leave and long service leave to cover the difference.
  • Armaguard advised of the usual 70 odd casuals only approximately 10 are being regularly rostered.
  • There have been impacts to revenue and the business nationally.
  • The landscape is changing weekly, which is making it difficult for Armaguard to forecast shifts.
  • Armaguard confirmed it was not their intention to roster casuals instead of permanent employees, but there are times when there is no capacity to provide minimum contracted hours.


  • Insisted that permanent employees should be offered shifts to ensure contracted hours are being met.
  • Questioned contracted hours as in the Enterprise Agreement and how Armaguard was adhering. To date, there is no strong answer to this question only that employees are asked to take accrued or unpaid leave.
  • Advised our appreciation for the current difficulties imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic but made it clear that we expect minimum hours are to be met, should that require a complete review of the rostering system.
  • Provided potential future solutions to ensure regular shifts and income for our members, which would need to be properly consulted on.

We discussed at length solutions to the issue.

  1. Armaguard committed to sending an Expression of Interest (EOI) to all Rosehill employees, for them to indicate their interest in being trained on ATMs. It was suggested that should more permanent employees be trained on ATMs that where there is a shortfall elsewhere, ordinary hours could be made up on ATMs.
  2. Armaguard is looking at options within Linfox Transport. The idea being that permanent employees could be employed casually with Linfox Transport so as to ensure a regular income. The role would be as a driver or a forklift operator. To which, Armaguard is considering options to facilitate payment or training for either or both. Those with an existing forklift or HR license are encourage to speak to Gale Georgiou about possibilities.
  3. Regular fortnightly teleconferences have now been scheduled to occur on Wednesday evening, to include USU Organisers, USU Delegate Darren Gulliver and representatives from Armaguard.

Should members anywhere in NSW have concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic about approaches taken in the workplace, you are encouraged to contact your team at the USU:

USU organiser – Emily Callachor 0417 420 924 or
USU organiser – Mick Jones 0405 020 589 or
USU delegate – Rebecca Steward 0421 956 169 or
USU delegate – Darren Gulliver 0404 821 990 or

As information becomes available, we will keep you up to date.

Emily Callachor Organiser – Rosehill and Central West & Northern NSW
Mick Jones Organiser – Wollongong and Southern NSW