Qantas isn’t getting the stand downs and rosters right at Qantas Freight and AAE. USU/ASU members have told us about short-staffed shifts and late notice call-ins. Some workers are rostered every week, while others haven’t seen anything in two months. In some ports, labour hire has been used while stood down workers sit at home!

When USU/ASU delegates raised these issues with local management, they’ve told us it’s out of their hands, corporate makes the decisions. When we take it to corporate, they tell us it’s the ports responsibility.

Enough is enough. Qantas needs to take responsibility for its actions.

The USU/ASU met with Qantas and AAE management on Monday, 25 May 2020. We told Qantas that most of these issues could have been resolved through regularly scheduled roster committees or consultation meetings. We’ve also asked them to confirm if local managers see the rosters before they are issued by Workforce Planning.

We will keep you updated as discussions continue.

Union win! Labour hire out of the Perth Domestic Freight Terminal

When Qantas tried to use labour hire to cover the new TNT domestic work in Perth, ASU members got organised and told the company to use stood-down workers from the international terminal instead. Their solidarity paid off, because the company has confirmed that an EOI for the TNT work went out to stood-down workers in Perth on Friday. The labour hire will be gone as soon as those workers can be trained!

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