Congratulations – by being a union member, you’ve helped to create a monumental change for working people, now and into the future.   

Yesterday new laws, introduced by the Albanese Government, passed the Parliament that will improve the lives of millions of workers – including USU members.   

The changes, which came off the back of a massive campaign by union members all over Australia, will mean:  

  • Casual workers have better rights and more choices.  
  • Gig economy workers will finally have rights at work.  
  • All workers will have the right to disconnect.  

Big business with the support of Peter Dutton were always going to spend up big to keep these loopholes open, but they were no match for the campaigning by union members all over Australia.  

This is a huge victory for working people. We’re thankful to the Albanese Government for keeping their promise to deliver secure jobs, and the Greens, David Pocock and Lidia Thorpe for supporting these important reforms.    

The new laws include measures such as:  

  • A genuine pathway for casual workers to transition to permanent  
  • Improved safety standards and work rights for gig workers  
  • Enhanced rights for transport workers  
  • The right to refuse unreasonable, unpaid work – including monitoring and responding to emails after hours.  

These changes will have a significant impact on the lives of millions of Australians. By providing better pay, conditions, and job security, we are helping to ensure that all workers can live with dignity and support their families.  

 This historic change is entirely thanks to the work of union members.