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Local Government elections took place in NSW on 10th September 2016*.

The United Services Union is concerned that your job and work-life balance will be seriously challenged over the next four years. The local government elections gave you an opportunity to ask your local candidates what their individual position is on potential changes.


We asked candidates whether they opposed:

  1. Outsourcing and privatisation of council jobs;
  2. Reducing Employment Protections;
  3. Dismantling your conditions of employment and Award;
  4. Altering your start and finish times or forcing your transfer onto seven day a week rosters that will lead to pressures on your work-life balances and reduced penalty rates;
  5. Creating commercial entities to replace Council Services, that will see Council workers transferred over to commercial/private entities.

We called on ALL USU members to seek out who their local Council candidates were and ask them these questions before voting. We also asked candidates to sign a pledge supporting local jobs and services. Those who signed the pledge of support are listed here. We thank those candidates for their support and we congratulate those who won and will be in a strong position to protect local jobs and local services.


* * Local government election in Tweed will be on Saturday 29 October (New election date follows death of a candidate




As a ......................................................... (political party) candidate in the 2016 Local Government Council Election for ............................................................... (insert LGA) Council, I .................................................. (name of candidate), formally pledge to maintain the highest level of honesty, integrity, accountability and respect for this public office at all times.

In doing so I also commit to the following principles:

  • Keep local Council jobs local
  • Maintain core Council services using council labour
  • Reject the use of labour hire contractors
  • Oppose outsourcing and privatising of Council services
  • Support increased employment protections
  • Ensure the provision of ongoing training to Council workforce
  • Support procurement of Australian products

I will remain committed to the above principles throughout my term(s) of elected office.

Furthermore, I recognise the important role of the Union(s) in ensuring wages and conditions of employment are protected, and the industrial rights of all Local Government workers are recognised and always respected.

I sign this Pledge of my own accord, without duress or promise of promotion, and acknowledge the proud, long history of Local Government, its delivery of efficient services to the community and its many achievements.



The following candidates signed our pledge:

Albury Council
Darren Cameron (Labor) WON
Leanne Cameron (Labor)

Ballina Council
Therese Crollick (Independent)

Balranald Council
Graham Longford (Independent)
Jeff Manix (Independent) WON

Bega Valley Shire Council
Tasman Fitzer (Country Labor)

Berrigan Council
Daryll Morris (Independent) WON

Blacktown Council
Nazir Daawar (Labor)
Kathie Collins (Labor) WON
Moninder Singh (Labor) WON
Mohammad Haroon (Labor)
David Villegas (Labor)
Peter Clapham (Labor)
Julie Griffiths (Labor) WON
Carol Israel (Labor) WON
Leo Kelly (Labor) WON
Chris Quilkey (Labor) WON
Stephen Bali (Labor) WON
Tony Bleasdale (Labor) WON
Judith Thomas (Labor)
Satish Kumar (Labor)
Susai Benjamin (Labor) WON

Broken Hill Council
Darriea Turley (Country Labor) WON
Marion Browne (Country Labor) WON
Jim Nolan (Country Labor) WON
Maureen Clark (Country Labor) WON
Larry Engell (Country Labor) WON
Callan Rogers (Country Labor)
Branco Licol (Country Labor) WON

Camden Council
Thomas J Gersbach (Labor)

Campbelltown Council
Karen Hunt (Labor) WON
Rey Manoto (Labor) WON
Ben Moroney (Greens) WON

Cessnock Council  
Bob Pynsent (Country Labor) WON
Jay Suvaal (Country Labor) WON
Melanie Dagg (Country Labor) WON
Stephen Hedger (Independent)
David Atwell (Greens)
James Ryan (Greens)
Cathy Talley (Greens)
Greg Astill (Greens)
Janet Murray (Greens)

City of Sydney
Linda Scott (Labor) WON
Jonathan Yee (Labor)
Norma Ingram (Labor)
Holly Rebeiro (Labor)
Ian Roberts (Labor)
Graham Brecht (Labor)
Darren Jenkins (Labor)
Damien Minton (Labor)
Ariane Psomotragos (Labor)

Fairfield Council
George Barcha (Labor)
Del Bennett (Labor)
Adrian Wong (Labor)
Tania Huynh (Labor)
Sera Yilmaz (Labor)

Griffith Council
Max Buljubasic (Labor)

Hay Council
Kevin Walter (Independent) WON

Kiama Council
Don Watson (Labor) WON
Matt Brown (Labor) WON
Neil Reilly (Independent) WON
David Connolly (Independent)
Kim Elder (Independent)
Tass Schmidt (Independent)
David Finlay (Independent)

Lake Macquarie Council
Kay Fraser (Labor) WON

Lismore Council
Greg Bennett (Independent) WON

Liverpool Council
Wendy Waller (Labor) WON
Geoffrey Shelton (Labor) WON
Brad Parker (Labor)
Ethan Monaghan (Labor)
Ali Karnib (Labor) WON
Nathan Hagarty (Labor) WON
Sam Kayal (Labor)
Betty Green (Labor)
Raffaele Catanzariti (Labor)

Maitland Council
Robert Aitchison (Labor)

Penrith Council
Robin Cook (Labor)
Stephen Heart (Labor)

Maitland Council
Robert Aitchison (Labor)

Port Macquarie /Hastings Council
Karen Wiles (Country Labor)
Peter Alley (Country Labor) WON

Shoalhaven Council
Annette Alldrick (Labor) WON
Rhiannon Talbot (Labor)
Deborah Shapira (Country Labor)
Gillian Boyd (Labor)
Jennifer Clapham (Labor)
Fran Smith (Country Labor)

Sutherland Shire Council
Michael Forshaw (Labor) WON
Greg McLean (Labor) WON

Temora Council
Chris Lasdauskas (Independent)

Wollondilly Shire Council
Elizabeth Sloane (Country Labor)


Names will be added when candidates sign the pledge