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How is your Award negotiated

The Local Government (State) Award (the Award) is the Industrial Instrument under which you work. It governs your wages and conditions.

Your Award your sayDid you know…
The Award is negotiated by the United Services Union on behalf of our members (along with the two other industry associations, depa and LGEA) every three years.

How this is done…
The USU, depa and LGEA present a ‘Log of Claims’. Local Government NSW (LGNSW) also present a Log of Claims on behalf of Council.

Motions are submitted by our members to their local workplace delegates, then to their branches for consideration and endorsement, before going to our State Conference. The USU Log of Claims is based upon the USU branch motions that have gone to our State Conference since the 2014 Award commenced on July 1st 2014.

Again the USU, depa and LGEA work together to ensure the best possible outcome for Union members in the negotiations.

When the Union feels that we have an Award we can recommend to you, we hold over 300 mass meetings where members vote to endorse the proposed Award.

Only Union members are able to vote when the time comes.

Not a member…
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Your rights

If your Council has been amalgamated or affected by a boundary change:

  • Your pay will not change;
  • Your conditions will not change;
  • You cannot be forcibly made redundant for 3 years;
  • You will have first preference in applying for new roles in Council;
  • There are limits on Council’s ability to change your work location.

These are all protections that the USU fought for, and won, for our members in the Local Government Act and the Local Government (State) Award.