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Jetstar and USU/ASU National Consultation Meeting

On Monday 8 February 2016 your USU/ASU representatives from around the country came together to meet with Jetstar management representatives to discuss issues of importance to our members.

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USU/ASU Delegates get some wins at Jetstar

Your USU/ASU representatives met with representatives of Jetstar on 28 September to discuss a whole range of issues that are of concern to USU/ ASU members. We have continued discussions with Jetstar in the last few weeks to try to resolve some of the issues.

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Jetstar: Confusion reigns supreme

Last week USU/ASU delegates at our regular quarterly meeting put an ultimatum to Jetstar management to fix the way in which the company pays nil 48s at airports. Jetstar has responded to the USU/ASU request to clarify how nil 48s operate under EBA 5 by asserting that it does not agree with our position on the Nil 48 interpretation however they will get back to us by 1 July confirming their position!

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Jetstar: USU/ASU Delegates meet management to iron out issues

Our USU/ASU Jetstar EBA 5 provides for regular consultation at a national level between Jetstar management and USU/ASU delegates and officials. This forum is held quarterly and provides an opportunity to discuss issues that have not been able to be resolved locally or which have a "national" character.

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USU/ASU Jetstar Members Endorse EBA 5 - Now for the Vote!

It's been an endurance event, but after lengthy negotiations we finally have an agreement which USU/ASU members have endorsed in meetings across Australia.

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Negotiations grind on at Jetstar

Your Jetstar National Negotiating Team (NNT) met with the company again on 10th December 2014 and we had a long in-depth discussion on their current offer to settle the EBA.

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