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Jetstar: It’s time to talk about EBA 6

The negotiations for your new EBA are getting even closer, before it starts we need to talk about your Log of Claims.

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Local Government Award: 98.9% say yes

After almost a year of hard work and lengthy negotiations and conciliation in the NSW IRC we took the new 2017 Local Government Award package to members for a vote at over 300 meetings held across NSW between June 7th and June 28th.

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Ausgrid member update

It has been a longer time than we would have liked for this latest flyer, and for that we appreciate your patience at a time when people are concerned about their futures. 

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Transgrid members win on EA vote

The NO VOTE on the Enterprise Agreement is a great win for Transgrid employees and their conditions.

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Virgin Australia: The Best Airline Staff in Australia/Pacific – why would they try to cut your pay?

Virgin Australia staff have just won Best Airline Staff in Australia/Pacific in the Skytrax World Airline Awards. This is a testament to the hard work that staff put in day in, day out, to ensure exceptional services for guests.

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