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Endeavour Energy EA: Why a no vote on your proposed agreement is so important

Protect your employment protections - Don’t be fooled by the fool’s gold being offered by your management. CHECK OUT THESE IMPORTANT REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD VOTE NO!


Job Security: Management will no longer need to consult with staff on changes they wish to make; they will only need to present and implement. Your rights to procedural fairness will be gone!

Dispute Resolution Procedure: Huge changes are being proposed in this new Agreement, reducing your rights to fight for a fair and reasonable outcome.

Start and Finish Times:  There will no longer be any certainty with your start and finish times, Management will only need to give you one week's notice to change your start and finish times; How is anyone expected to manage their personal commitments outside of work, if they get away with this?

Wage Increase: only equals 1 % for each year since your last wage increase in 2013, our members are worth more than this, just think of all the hard work, productivity gains they have achieved over this time, 1% is an insult.

Employment Protections: will be lost forever, it will be a free for all for Management if these protections are not kept.

vote no

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